To buy auto insurance in New York, there are several things to consider, though you do not have to worry about spending too much time or money in the process. First, get informed of the laws in place, and the mandatory types of insurance you need. Then, you will want to decide on a monthly payment range that you are willing to spend on auto insurance.

There are a variety of affordable auto insurance plans available in the state of New York, so it is not a difficult task to find one that suits your needs. Make sure you have a price range in mind when you start to search for plans, so that you can have the most efficient, quick and simple car insurance buying experience.

Discounts are available through most car insurance companies, which offer great incentives for saving money to those who qualify. Many auto insurance companies in New York provide discounts for those who take an accident prevention course, have anti-lock brakes, air bags, anti-theft devices, or daytime running lights on their vehicle, have a good driving record, good grades in high school or college, or own multiple automobiles. Other discounts are available at some New York auto insurance companies for using alternative fuel, paying insurance in full, having a VIN etching, and buying a new car.


To make sure you are going to buy the best policy for your needs, think about what you will require coverage for – protecting yourself and your passengers in the case of an accident, ensuring financial security if you are sued for damages by another party, or protection from flooding and fires. Though there are mandatory types of auto insurance in New York, you may find you want more coverage for your vehicle in case of theft or vandalism.

Take into consideration where you drive most frequently, how you drive, the types of drivers and endangerment you may encounter, and how realistic the need for something like comprehensive coverage will be. If it doesn’t seem necessary to pay for a certain type of coverage, then begin with a basic plan, the legal requirements and an affordable monthly payment.


Before you settle on a plan, get a quote from multiple companies to help you decide on the best combination of cost and coverage. Everyone has their own requirements and preferences, just like they have their own driving style, so the decision which company and plan is best is entirely up to you.

By filling out a quick quote, you can see the various prices and benefits of each company in your area. If the idea of an additional monthly bill starts to feel like an extraneous expense, remember you will no longer be at risk of being charged obscene fines or having a legal paper trail. It is well worth the cost to feel safe and protected.

Also, be realistic with your budget to be sure that you can meet your monthly premiums. Your coverage will not be active if you neglect to pay an auto insurance bill, so decide on a figure that will work within your means.